Sean Kampfer

Nationality: American

Born and raised on Long Island NY, Captain Sean joined the boating scene at a young age. Beginning with his parent’s boats and restoring an old sailing boat of his own he eventually began running water taxis and mid-size passenger vessels to the city.

Falling hard for yachting one summer after joining a busy charter yacht in New England he has not looked back. Sean is a hands-on captain who takes great pride in any vessel or program he runs.

He is guest satisfaction oriented and aims to make your time aboard TAIL LIGHTS a fantastic and memorable one! Sean is a licensed pilot and in his spare time you might find him sailing, flying, snowboarding, golfing, and spending plenty of time at the beach.



Thomas Day III

Nationality: American

Chef Tom hails from Philadelphia, who at the early age of 15 got his start in the hospitality industry. Tom found his passion in the kitchen and studied Culinary and Baking at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. They honored Tom with an Outstanding Achievement Award and a Presidential Scholarship.

After years as an Executive Chef in some of Philly’s busiest top restaurants, he transitioned into yachting to share his delicious creations on a more personal level as a private chef.

Tom puts his heart and dedication into his food and thrives on that simple sigh, smile, or filled belly from our charter guests aboard TAIL LIGHTS.

Chief Stewardess

Becky Johnson

Nationality: American

Becky was born and raised in Fargo, ND. Becky spent much of her early life training and competing as a successful USA Gymnastics and NCAA gymnast. Becky received her education in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University, and went on to use this education and experience to develop her own team of national champion gymnasts.

While in college, Becky took a summer job as a bartender, which sparked her love for all things hospitality. Becky has spent many years working in the hospitality industry,  and was busy working in a luxury resort in Scottsdale, Arizona when she was introduced to the world of yachting. It took no time for her to realize this was her calling.

Becky looks forward to creating unforgettable memories for all the future guest of TAIL LIGHTS.

Mate / Engineer

Shawn Wakefield

Nationality: American

Shawn first fell in love with the ocean when he was a young lad. Growing up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, he spent his time exploring the dunes and ultimately the underwater world at age 10.

Shawn’s love of the ocean led him to become a PADI Dive Master and Scuba Instructor

Presented with the opportunity to fulfill his travel lust once again, he joined TAIL LIGHTS. Whether you’re looking for the best (or worst) boat jokes or an unforgettable time under the sea, Shawn is certain to add an element of excitement to your journey aboard TAIL LIGHTS.

Dive Dive Dive!!!


Chris Grandmaison

Nationality: American

Chris found his love for the ocean at an early age after taking frequent trips off the California coast on his father’s fishing boat.  He grew up in San Diego enjoying boating, surfing, and diving.

After graduating from college, his thirst for travel and love for the ocean has led him to a career in yachting.  Chris’s 15 years in the hospitality industry and 6 seasons working on yachts has prepared him to help create unforgettable experiences while aboard TAIL LIGHTS.

When not out on the water, Chris enjoys snowboarding, playing hockey, and photography.

2nd Stewardess

Jade Leonard

Nationality: American & Canadian

Jade was born in New York, and moved with her family to Paris, and then settled in Montreal.  In Montreal, Jade loved to swim at her community pool. That is where she discovered her passion for synchronized swimming, lifeguarding and the water.

In college, Jade enrolled in an Intro to Marine Biology course, where she had the opportunity to snorkel and study marine ecosystems in Belize. Jade worked hospitality for over 7 years, and was convinced that her skills would work well in yachting. She also likes to practice yoga and calligraphy, read, run, swim and plan events.

Jade is very excited to create amazing experiences for the TAIL LIGHTS guests.